Crystal IS Triples Lifetime of Industry-Leading Optan UVC LEDs

September 11, 2017
Crystal IS, a leader in developing high performance deep UV (UVC) LEDs, has tripled the lifetime of its Optan for sensors and instrumentation. These improved UVC LEDs deliver one year of full power to meet the monitoring demands of water and gas analysis.

Improving UVC LEDs for Continuous Monitoring Applications

Optan has seen rapid increases in lifetime and performance. Rated at only 1,000 when first released three years ago, the lifetime of these new UVC LEDs is now 9,000 hours for L50 at 100mA. 

With an extended life, these products meet the needs of real-time continuous monitoring applications for facilities that operate 24/7 and must have constant insight into their processes and emissions. This allows maintenance intervals of monitoring equipment to be extended from months to years, reducing plant and process downtime. Compared to other UVC LEDs or electrochemical sensors, sensors and instruments using Optan UVC LEDs have lower maintenance requirements. 

The Optan line of UVC LEDs are also ideally suited for process instrumentation OEMs that serve plants and facilities in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, which require sustained high power for absorbance or fluorescence measurements of process fluids or product. 

Non-continuous monitoring applications can also benefit from the longer lifetime as the instant on/off capabilities of Optan UVC LEDs can extend sensor lifetimes to over 10 years when operated in pulse mode.

Integrate Optan into Your Applications

The triple lifetime Optan are available immediately. Learn more about our UVC LEDs for sensors and instrumentation, and contact us to discuss how Optan can be integrated into your application.