Industrial facilities rely on quick and reliable monitoring of oil and other hydrocarbons in water and wastewater for leak detection, pollution prevention and environmental discharge compliance. Detection of petroleum hydrocarbons in water can identify heat exchanger failures. Rapid leak detection using spectroscopic measurements saves thousands of dollars in operational and maintenance costs.

Hydrocarbon monitoring in water is of growing importance near oil platforms, marinas and spill-affected waters. Oil can be released into water from many different sources and has the potential to cause significant environmental damage if not remediated.   

UV fluorometry is used to monitor oil and hydrocarbons because the aromatic component in these substances fluoresce under UV light.

Crystal IS UVC LEDs offer many advantages for these applications.

  • Narrow wavelengths for selective, targeted measurements

  • Small footprint for easy inline monitoring of water quality

  • High light output for trace detection in the parts-per-billion levels