Infection control is a major focus of the healthcare industry owing to the enormous financial and social burden worldwide. Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are one of the top five leading causes of death in the US and the problem of infectious disease is even more prevalent in developing countries. New applications for Crystal IS UVC LEDs in healthcare settings are playing a significant role in addressing the overall health and wellness of both patients and clinicians when used in conjunction with approved terminal cleaning protocols. This sector ranges from solutions for small medical devices to wide area/room units and covers both contact and airborne pathogen sources.
  • Upper Room Air Disinfection

    Upper room air disinfection using UVC is a well-established technique for addressing public health concerns around airborne pathogens, such as multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.

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  • Dialysis Adequacy

    UVC LEDs can be used to detect urea concentrations in blood and optimize time of hemodialysis.

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  • Surface Sterilization

    Standard terminal cleaning protocols for surface disinfection are evolving beyond traditional wipe and chemical cleaning methods. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are incorporating UVC technology to further minimize the risk of HAIs by disinfecting high use surfaces often missed during patient discharge and room change over.

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