Clinical laboratories use biological techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and DNA sequencing for numerous applications in molecular biology. These techniques require a specific target or window of nucleic acid concentration for optimum performance, necessitating reliable measurements of the concentration and purity of proteins and nucleic acids. 

Quantitative analysis is based on the Beer-Lambert’s law—the relationship between degree of absorption and the concentration of the absorbing material. Both protein and DNA absorb UV light, but they have different absorbance curves.

A quick method for assessing purity is by measuring the absorbances at 260 nm (A260) and 280 nm (A280) and the ratio of A260 to A280. The high signal/noise ratio and instant on/off capabilities of the UV LEDs enable quick measurements in micro volumes as small as 1 μl.

Crystal IS UVC LEDs used in these instruments increases efficiency, decreases costs and improves the quality of measurements.

  • High spectral quality of Crystal IS LEDs provides measurement linearity over a wide concentration range

  • Small footprint enables compact product design to maximize lab real estate

  • Instant on/off leads to greater number of sample measurements to increase productivity

  • Single peak and simple drive electronics allow for less costly, application-specific instruments