High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has several applications in the pharmaceutical industry from drug discovery through development and manufacturing. It is used for analyzing complex mixtures, purifying chemical compounds, developing processes for synthesizing chemical compounds and in raw material quality control.

UV absorption spectroscopy is the most popular detection technology in HPLC since many analytes absorb in the UV spectrum while solvents remain transparent at these wavelengths. Nearly 80 percent of all known chemicals and materials can be identified with HPLC including aromatic carboxylic acids (255 nm), water soluble vitamins, analgesics (280 nm) and proteins (280 nm).

Crystal IS LEDs provide several benefits in HPLC:

  • Little or no forward heat protects thermally sensitive samples

  • Instant on/off increases lab bench productivity

  • Emission pattern allows for easy alignment

  • Light source and the associated electronics can be isolated from the flow cell for explosion proof applications