As the leader in AlN substrate technology, we are able to drive relentless improvements in ultraviolet (UVC) LED efficiency and reliability. Today, Crystal IS offers the highest performing UVC LEDs in the industry with the goal of developing UVC LED solutions that light the way to healthy living around the world.

Leading the Way in Performance

Our UVC LEDs have the strongest power output in the industry today—capable of over 20 mW—delivering the highest performance and dependability available from UVC LEDs. The reliability and flexible design of our LEDs enable engineers to develop new applications and products without the constraints of traditional UV sources.  Discover the exceptional performance metrics of our Klaran and Optan LEDs.

Innovating a Better Way

We continue to be a front-runner in UVC LED technology advancements. In May 2013, we were added to BlueTech Research's Innovation Tracker for our water industry applications. Find the very latest in innovation from our research and development efforts.

Showing the Way to a Healthier Future

Crystal IS and Asahi Kasei share our customers' commitment for developing sustainable, global solutions for healthy life and living.

Collaborating in a New Way

We are currently working with some of the most innovative experts in the industry to specify our LEDs into emerging applications. We offer extensive support and true collaboration towards mutual business success. Partner with Crystal IS and develop sustainable solutions for customers around the world.