As a leading UVC LED manufacturer, we partner with our customers to bring new applications for UVC LEDs to market. The case studies below provide further details on how our customers are integrating UVC LEDs into their products. 

Acuva: Klaran UVC LEDs for Water Purification

Acuva's most compact water purification system uses Klaran UVC LEDs to provide water disinfection. 

Read the Acuva water purification case study

Idronaut: UVC LEDs for Biofouling Control

Idronaut is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and support of high-performance and innovative oceanographic sensors and instrumentation. When Idronaut needed a solution to prevent biofilm formation and control biofouling, they turned to Crystal IS's UVC LEDs. 

Read the Idronaut case study

Sensorex: Replacing Mercury Lamps with UVC LED

Sensorex is a market-leading manufacturer of quality sensors for water applications. Sensorex evaluated the Crystal IS 255 nm UVC LED in their UVT-LED transmittance monitor. Replacing a traditional mercury lamp with the long lifetime LED from Crystal IS enabled a smaller footprint for UVT-LED, making it easy to use across multiple water treatment environments.

Read the Sensorex case study

  • WET Labs Case Study

    WET Labs is dedicated to developing and manufacturing underwater instrumentation equipment to monitor the earth's oceans, lakes and streams. Crystal IS UVC LEDs provide opportunities for the use of LEDs for fluorescent in situ detection of oil in water.

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  • DNA Purity Measurements Case Study

    Leading manufacturers of biotechnology devices are seeking alternative light sources, such as UVC LEDs, which can be turned instantly on/off and offer a lower cost of ownership for their end users.

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  • Sensorex Case Study

    Sensorex is a market-leading manufacturer of quality sensors for water applications. Their UVT monitor uses UVC LEDs from Crystal IS to ensure UV systems can provide the proper disinfection dosage.

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