Klaran Product Line - UVC LEDs

Quantifiable, On-Demand Disinfection.

Advancing disinfection solutions for healthcare

High output Klaran UVC LEDs are designed to emit germicidal energy at the peak absorption range of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. These deep UV (UVC) LEDs enable the development of portable and handheld devices which can enhance aseptic protocols to automate manual tasks with a measured dose of disinfection, eliminating protocol variability, increasing productivity for clinicians and continuing the fight against the spread of costly hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Empowering design innovation

Unlike traditional, large UV sources where warm-up time and restricted on-off duty cycle limits practical application and design utility, Klaran solid-state semiconductor devices offer a compact, industry-standard 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm footprint that provides maximum design flexibility for engineers. These UVC LEDs are offered in several power bins beginning at 15 mW in germicidal power output from a single chip with a viewing angle of 105 degrees.

Clean, safe water

An ideal solution for commercial and consumer manufacturers who wish to address the risk of biofilm or waterborne contamination in their Point-of-Use (POU) products. Klaran UVC LEDs have been proven to meet dosage requirements that satisfy NSF55 Class A requirements in certain reactor designs. 

Industry leader in AlN crystal growth

Our proprietary crystal growth technology produces lattice-matched substrates which allow us to provide higher output at peak germicidal wavelengths than other UV LED sources on the market today.


General Disinfection

  • Range of deep UVC LED products
  • Non-toxic, odor, ozone & chemical free
  • Broad ambient temperature operation
  • Effective for disinfection of water, air or surfaces
  • Built on proprietary aluminum nitride substrate
  • Mercury-free, RoHS compliant
  • High 115˚ C junction temperature limit
  • Highly compact & durable


  • Efficient and consistent disinfection performance
  • Design flexibility for close proximity disinfection of heat sensitive surfaces
  • Ideal for use in applications where multiple LEDs are required to irradiate a large area
  • Compact point-source ideal for complex hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Peak germicidal operating range 260 nm - 270 nm
  • Backside heat extraction
  • Low DC voltage
  • 105˚ viewing angle

Water Disinfection

  • Ideal for water disinfection up to 5 gallons per minute
  • High ambient temperature operation
  • Wavelength range for peak effectiveness against E. Coli and MS2
  • 1,000 piece reels for high volume cost efficiency
  • Bounded peak wavelengths between 260 nm–275 nm
  • Drive current rated to half an Amp
  • Mercury Free
  • High junction temperature limit of 115°C