Powerful germicidal irradiation. Rugged Design.

Advancing disinfection solutions for healthcare

High power Klaran UVC LEDs are characterized by their unique germicidal output power, or Po. Tuned to maximum DNA absorption of harmful pathogens, these devices are highly effective at disrupting their ability to reproduce, continuing the fight against the spread of costly HAIs. 

Empowering design innovation

Unlike mercury UV lamps that are typically long cylindrical bulbs encased in a fragile quartz tube, Klaran solid-state semiconductor devices offer an industry-standard 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm footprint that provides maximum design flexibility for engineers. These UVC LEDs are offered in several power bins beginning at 15 mW in germicidal power output from a single chip with a wide viewing angle of 105 degrees.

Clean, safe water

An ideal solution for manufactures who wish to incorporate UVC technology into their Point of Use (POU) consumer products or manufacturers of lab water equipment who are expected to satisfy a range of industry standards. Klaran UVC LEDs have been proven to meet dosage requirements that satisfy NSF55 Class A requirements in certain reactor designs. 

Industry leader in AlN crystal growth

Our proprietary crystal growth technology produces substrates with fewer defects than other commercially available deep UV LEDs, delivering the most reliable UVC LEDs optimized for germicidal irradiation on the market today.



  • Powerful UVC germicidal output of 250 nm - 280 nm capable of deactivating a wide array of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Small, robust 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm footprint affords maximum design flexibility
  • Back side thermal extraction safe for use with heat sensitive substrates
  • Directional emission enables accurate delivery of UVC energy
  • Accepts solder reflow processing to accommodate high volume production rate
  • Crystal growth derived from patented native Aluminum Nitride substrate technology
  • Capable of running off portable DC power source
  • Accepts drive current up to 400 mA
  • Available in power bins from 15 mW to 30 mW
  • Viewing angle of 105 degrees
  • RoHS-compliant