Reliable UVC LEDs for Sensors

Demands for monitoring in applications like water quality analysis are growing, driving the development of new cost effective, on-line sensors and instruments. Optan UVC LEDs are designed and tested to meet the performance and reliability needs of discerning professionals in sensor design, bringing lab quality measurements down into distributed and remote devices.

Enables Real-Time Monitoring

On-line monitoring means instant insights and reaction. UVC LEDs, with instant on/off abilities, give immediate measurement data continuously or at set intervals, only using power for the fraction of a second required.

Built for Critical Parameters

With easily selectable peak wavelengths from 250 nm to 280 nm, Optan devices are specified to directly align with measurement needs, no extra filtering or optics required. UVT, BOD/COD, TOC, Oil-in-Water, or custom UVC parameters are all possible using a UVC LED based measurement platform.

Long Term Accuracy and Reliability

With tightly controlled spectral quality, power output stability, and consistent lifetime performance over years, sensors using Optan UVC LEDs maintain measurement accuracy from the development bench to the field location.

Modernizing Measurement

To increase frequency and density of data points, or better manage the costs of data collection, sensors based on UVC LEDs are taking the leading position. Crystal IS helps industry leaders move beyond time consuming grab sampling methods and costly lamp based systems like mercury or xenon.


TO-39 Ball Lens

  • Built-in lens provides light focus, reduces assembly cost and parts count
  • Narrow spectrum enables elimination of filters
  • Relatively low system cost
  • Superior irradiance (mW/nm/cm²)
  • Environment-isolated package
  • Focused radiation pattern with a viewing angle of 15°
  • Maximum drive current of 100 mA in continuous mode
  • Available in peak wavelengths from 250 nm to 280 nm
  • Light output available in bins from 0.5 mW to 4 mW
  • Typical L50 of 9000 hours at 100 mA
  • Hermetic, through hole package
  • RoHS-compliant