High-Performance UVC LEDs

At Crystal IS, we manufacture high-performance deep UV (UVC) LEDs. Light in the UVC wavelength (200 - 280 nm) can be used for water disinfection, surface sterilization, and destroying harmful micro-organisms in food products and in air.

Our flagship product lines, Optan and Klaran, are integrated into our customers' new and existing products, providing them with a wide range of unique advantages. Learn more about our products and contact us to determine how UVC LEDs can be integrated into your product, system, or application.

Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation

UVC LEDs designed with excellent power output stability, low power consumption, and flexible wavelength selection for demanding measurement applications. With industry leading device lifetimes, Optan is the choice for discerning professionals across water quality, process analytics and beyond. 

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Disinfection and Sterilization

Industry-best total light output in the UVC wavelengths in a small footprint for maximum design flexibility.

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